No Meal Plans This Week!

This coming week, I'm at Camp with the Young Women from our ward and all the other young women and their leaders from across the Stake. My living room is slowly being overtaken with tents, as it seems the entire ward is lending us equipment so that the girls will be able to camp in luxury... Do the words luxury and camp go together? I'm not so sure that they do.


One of our tents, not the height of luxury, but it keeps us dry!

As Flyfour is in charge of our meals this weekend I have nothing to plan and then because I'm away this week and not in charge of meal planning for camp (a friend is though and I'm sure it's going to be fab!) and Flyfour is going to be deciding what he and Dan Jon eat each week, I've not got any meal plans for the week either!

Actually, that isn't true.

Monday - Whatever there is that needs using up!

Whatever it is that the boys end up eating this week, I am sure that they will have fun and more importantly, I'm sure that Flyfour will remember to get Dan Jon to eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day and I'm even more sure that he won't just let him eat fast food every meal of every day.

At least he'd better not!