The Old New Shirt

I was hunting in my wardrobe for a particular top that I wanted to wear over the weekend. I couldn't find it, but I did find a shirt that belonged to Flyfour amongst my clothing. Flyfour had purchased the shirt from a Chinese website, at some point last year and despite having been advertised as being the right size for Flyfour, it just wasn't big enough for him and somehow ended up in my wardrobe.

As I looked at it, I realised it was such a nice shirt and I wanted to get some use out of it, so I asked the children to try it on. It was too big for Dan Jon, but just the right size for Top Ender and it has now become a favourite of her's.

Top Ender in the garden in her new Shirt

A few years back, Top Ender used to wear a checked shirt and jeans, almost as her out of school clothes uniform and I'm so glad that she has got back to that style as it really does suit her!