The Abbott Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System

A few weeks ago, at one of Dan Jon's regular Diabetic check-ups, we were asked if we thought that Dan Jon may want to try the Abbott Libre. It's a flash glucose monitoring system, that Dan Jon would wear on his arm continuously. It would mean, that every minute it would take a reading of his glucose levels, meaning that we'd have much better data to work with, to try to keep Dan Jon's levels more... well, level!

We'd also be able to find out what his glucose level was by scanning his arm with either a reader or his mobile phone. The benefit of using a mobile phone? As soon as he had taken a reading, it would ping up on the phone of whoever he had added to his list.

It would be great, we said.

So, they applied for funding, Dan Jon and I got online and did some pre-emptive training, and we were scheduled to attend a course to learn more from the Abbotts team.

Dan Jon and PippaD

Only it wasn't a course. It was a;

"Here's your new Libre flash glucose monitoring system, here is how you put it on and here's how you read it and now you know what you are doing so see you soon and


Dan Jon when he realised we were getting the Abbotts Libre sensor right there and then!

We were a little shocked, but also totally pleased because now instead of having to prick Dan Jon's fingers multiple times a day we can just scan his arm, well the £2 coin sized sensor (that stays on his arm for two weeks and then we need to change it for another one) and everything is sorted. Well unless he is high and he needs insulin where he needs a finger prick blood test to check his levels (as the sensor is roughly 15 minutes behind) or if he is low and we then need to check so we can see how much glucose he needs too.

The Abbott Libre sensor on Dan Jon's Arm

Flyfour has already made a great little "thing" that displays Dan Jon's results and he's added a little script to one of the tablets that display various information (mainly the time, temperature and Flyfour's bitcoin rates) so we can see it there too and of course, I can see his results within seconds when he takes a reading at School because it automatically pushes to my phone.

Of course, what this really means is, we're going to have much more control on Dan Jon's numbers. We'll be able to make changes that are so much more effective and almost immediate as we'll be able to see the data from the last few days and how it updates in real time.

I'm already getting excited about the graphs and data and charts and all the numbers!