I Didn't Want To Cry

Last Friday it was Dan Jon's last day at Primary School.

We'd had a week of final things and I'd been so close to tears so many times, just thinking about how my baby was growing up and how the headteacher was going to be leaving and how I was no longer going to have a primary aged child and how this building, a building that I had visited almost every single day for the last eleven years was no longer going to be a daily visit.

It's never going to pop up as a suggested place of work for me again in google maps.

I don't need to be sad though. Whilst I no longer have a child in the school, I still have a connection to the school as many of my friends work there and I'm the chair of governors. I will be visiting the school, I will be seeing people and our families connection isn't over because I am that connection and I will be there again!

PippaD at the Primary School

However, I have a job that means I won't be able to volunteer during the day and go on School trips and see the children of the school as much as I do now. I won't be able to see the Nativity plays or go to assemblies or sports days or all change days or hear their news and find out about all the things they think are important and want to tell me.

I'm going to miss it.

Dan Jon needed to go back to his classroom, to pick up his box of Diabetic supplies that has been a constant companion of his for the last seven years. It's fairly large, so he asked me to go with him and as we went, I had to pass a few different children that I've got to know so well over the last few years.

As we got to the door, I saw two girls who were crying and when they saw me they went to give me a hug. They've known me for years, they wanted a hug to say goodbye and as I stood there hugging these two girls I started to cry, because it hit me.

The school isn't just a building. It's a living organism and it's changing.

The head is leaving, two members of staff are leaving, our current chair of governors is leaving, another of our governors is leaving. The children are leaving.

I didn't want to cry, but I did.