Bananagrams Blogger Challenge - Christmas!

Earlier this evening Daddy disappeared into the kitchen, which I thought was strange seeing as how our kitchen is freezing. He came back into the living room half an hour later claiming that it was my turn. I had no idea what he was going on about but when he told me he had been working on the Bananagrams challenge for the week and expanding on what Top Ender and I had already done I was really excited. We spent another half an hour adding the last few letters so that this final challenge like our first used all the letters! Some of the words are a bit of a stretch, but we could link them all to Christmas with a simple explanation.
Bananagrams Blogger Challenge - Christmas

Now I have to explain a couple of words because we are aware that not everyone thinks quite like us...
  • Jab is because every Christmas someone gets the flu and so they need to have a jab!
  • New Year is because you always wish a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  • Rio is because sometimes you have to get away on holiday at Christmas!
  • OJ is because there are a lot of special cocktails that use OJ!
  • Box is because we wrap up gifts in boxes
  • Ho is what Santa shouts
  • TV is because most of us watch something at Christmas
  • Cows and Ox were in the Stable at Christmas
  • Wii is because you might play on it at Christmas if the adverts are to be believed
  • Board is because lots of people like to play board games at Christmas!
  • Hid is because that is what you do with some gifts
  • Lid is because you use a lot of them on Pringles, Pots...
  • In is because you spend a lot of time in at Christmas!
Whilst we were finishing up Daddy and I were chatting, we loved working together on creating the crosswords and so we are going to keep doing them to publish here on the blog for different holidays and seasons and we are going to play more Bananagram games together at home. I'm really excited about it and so I would love for you all to come up with general themes for us to play with each month and if anyone else wants to join in then just let me know and we will make it a linky.