What to do with Christmas Leftovers - Turkey Sandwich

I know that there is still a few days until most people will be cooking the Christmas Turkey and thinking about what to do with the Leftovers, but last year I decided that I was fed up of just picking at the Turkey carcass and decided this year would be different and I would have a plan. Every time I was thinking about what I could make with my Christmas leftovers an episode of Friends kept coming to mind. It was the episode where Ross loses his temper because a co-worker steals his sandwich. I know it sounds silly, but it is true that the best thing about that sandwich is that there is a middle layer of bread which has been soaked in gravy and so here is my perfect Turkey Sandwich recipe.

For each Sandwich that is required you need three slices of bread. This will make the sandwich rather indulgent, but if you can't indulge a little at Christmas then when can you?! Spread two slices of the bread with the spread of your choice leaving the third slice. Pour a little Gravy on one side of the third slice, and let it soak in a little. This gravy soaked slice will be the middle layer of your sandwich. Add a little cranberry sauce to one slice of bread. Add on top of this your shredded turkey and your slice of gravy soaked bread on top of this.

moist maker!
(Image borrowed from Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/gurana/3075172142/ )
Add some stuffing on top of the middle layer, (and if you want some leftover veggies sliced up) before adding the final slice of bread. Some people like to heat the sandwich in the microwave for 10 to 15 seconds, but what ever you do make sure that you cut the sandwich diagonally as everyone knows that triangle sandwiches taste better than square or rectangles...