What to do with Christmas Leftovers - Roast Dinner Soup

Roast Dinner Soup is something that is so simple to make and so tasty that you will wonder why you don't make it all the time and not just with your Christmas Leftovers! This thick soup is great for filling you up and making you feel fuller for longer and is quite good for your budget too... Team it with Crusty Rolls for a more filling meal or sprinkle croutons and sprinkled cheese on top to make it special or try adding a swirl of cream to make the soup more indulgent!

Christmas Leftovers Roast Dinner Soup Simmering

The first thing to do is to gather up the leftovers that you are going to use. The soup in this photo was made from leftover Peas, Carrots, Roast Potatoes, Brussels Sprouts, a bit of Gravy and some of the Turkey. I added the vegetables into a pan covered with a small amount of stock, the vegetables were only just covered. I then added the gravy and a saucepan lid and simmered for around 15 minutes. After the vegetables and Turkey had been simmered together I used my hand blender to make a smooth and thick soup.

Christmas Leftovers Roast Dinner Soup

If you like your soup to be a bit thinner, you just need to add a small amount of water to it. If your soup is too thin you can just add a small amount of corn flour to the soup and mix well! This very tasty soup can be frozen, but makes a great Boxing Day Lunch...