Top Ten Family Christmas Movies

One of the best things about Christmas is that you get to spend a lot more time with your family. It's sort of expected at this time of year and so more families are ready to embrace spending time together and because it is generally a bit colder here in the Northern Hemisphere at this time of year they are looking for things to do indoors. There are a lot of Family Christmas Movies and although some might be a bit soppy we have a lot of favourites here, so here are our ultimate Top Ten Family Christmas Movies to watch with your family!
Christmas gifts round the tree

Muppets Christmas Carol

This is Daddy's favourite Christmas film and it wouldn't be Christmas if we didn't watch it at least once during the Holiday period! The story is of course the classic Christmas Carol story with the Muppets twist, there is a fantastic performance from Michael Cain as Scrooge and if you haven't seen it before (which is unlikely!) then you are in for a real treat.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Any version of this story is fantastic, but in our house the Ron Howard version staring Jim Carrey as The Grinch is the one we turn to when we all want to have a family afternoon on the sofa. We love the message in the film that yes it's nice to give an receive gifts at Christmas but that isn't what the true message of Christmas is about. Plus I have my very own Cindy Lou Who every Christmas!


This is my most favourite Christmas film ever, the story of Buddy the elf who discovers that he isn't actually an Elf but a human! There are some fantastic moments, but the one that most children will want to try is when Buddy runs round and round in a revolving door before throwing up in a conveniently placed bin.

Home Alone

Despite this film being a good fourteen years older than Top Ender and Big Boy (well eighteen years older than BB!) this is one of their favourite films. There is something about a little child defending his home from would be Burglars in crazy schemes that appeals to them and to most other children too! Plus if you are a similar age to me, I bet this movie holds a lot of memories for you too!

Polar Express

I loved this film from the first moment I saw it. The story for me outweighs the creepy look of the characters that Daddy insists ruins the film (the uncanny valley effect) as it is about a young boy (Hero Boy, yes that's his name) who hoping to find out about the true spirit of Christmas is invited upon a train that appears in his street in the middle of the night. The adventure he goes on that night gives him proof that Santa exists and I can always hear the bells!

The Snowman

A bit of a controversial choice due to the ending of the film, but this popular story by Raymond Briggs is a great film to watch as a family at Christmas. Who wouldn't want to go to a magical party at the North Pole with a snowman? And if you pair it up with the other animated Raymond Briggs story about Father Christmas you can see the little boy and the snowman in this film too!

Breastpad Snowmen

My infamous Breastpad Snowmen
The Santa Clause

I doubt that I was the only child who worried about the possibility of Father Christmas dying by accidentally falling off a roof when he was supposed to be coming down my chimney. That is exactly what happens when Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) causes the then current Father Christmas to slip off his roof and in order to make sure Christmas goes ahead he has to become Father Christmas, only to find that in putting on the suit he has entered a contract with a clause (or three seeing as there are a couple of sequels).

Santa Claus The Movie

The first time I watched this movie it was by accident. I had rented it from the video store thinking it was The Santa Clause! The films itself is great for the mythology of how a mortal man became the immortal Santa and will appeal a lot to younger family members whilst older family members can sit and wonder about when Christmas II will become a reality.


Daddy and I first watched Nativity! on a date night just before Christmas last year, the improvised comedy is just what every family needs at Christmas and will have you rolling with laughter, maybe shedding a tear or two and at the end feeling the most upbeat that you have in ages!

Miracle on 34th Street

I don't think that it matters what version of this film that you watch the original 1947 version, the shorter 1959 version, the made for TV 1973 version or the 1994 version because all of them have magic and Kris Kringle is the kind of man that I would love to be helping out by being Santa in my local Shopping Centre.

So there are our Top Ten Family Christmas Films to watch. What would you add to the list?