What to do with Christmas Leftovers - Turkey Pie

In a few days time (if any Christmas past is to go by) there is going to be a glut of Christmas leftovers in kitchens up and down the country. Just in case you have no idea about what to do with these leftovers here is a suggestion for a Turkey Pie which can use up leftover vegetables, some of that leftover Turkey and even your leftover Roast potatoes! Don't worry if you don't have individual pie pots like I am using, you can easily make a big pie in a pyrex dish or anything else that you normally make similar things in (like Lasagne or Shepherds Pie). This was a meal that I made last Christmas with my leftovers.

First things first you need to work out what you are going to put in your pie. I decide that we had a lot of peas and a lot of Turkey so I added a serving of each to each pie pot and then added a little more turkey. It looked quite full and I was quite pleased as it was effectively going to be a "free" meal seeing as it is mostly made from leftovers.

Turkey and Peas in a Pie Pot

I added to the pie pots a can of Chicken Soup. The brand that I had used (because of Daddy being a celiac) also had some mushroom and potato pieces which you can see sticking out of the pie.

The Leftovers covered in Chicken Soup

I had a few Roast Potatoes leftover from Christmas Dinner and so I used those along with some newly boiled potatoes to create a mash which was then used to cover the turkey/pea/soup mixture. I criss-crossed the top of the mash so that when I put it in the oven it would turn golden in places and just generally look more attractive!

The Mashed Potato Top

I cooked the pies in an oven that had been heating up at gas mark 6 (400oF or 200oC) for fifteen minutes and was very pleased with the very tasty result!