This was 2011, well sort of.

I first created this blog post in January. I have a draft open all year and as something happens that I want to remember for the end of the year I add it in. Normally I do that on the 25th of the month when I am doing some preparation for Christmas, I look to see which blog post I was most proud of or which one I thought wasn't read by as many people as I had hoped. This year I wanted to do something a little different, but I didn't know what. So for your amusement, here is 2011... sort of.

Once upon a time there lived a Mummy who was very smug. You see she had magic that allowed her to be super organised all of the time but mostly it was smoke and mirrors that hid the real chaos and most people realised this.

This particular Mummy was also very lucky that people sent her challenges via her email and to prove that she was a magic Mummy she would often let these lovely people see her making things at her super speed with her super little theme tune.

The Mummy was lucky because she had two fantastic children and they all enjoyed spending time together at home or on fun family evenings out and the children were happy with doughnuts and cheap treats which was lucky as there wasn't always a lot of money to spare.

In fact the whole family were the sort of family that sometimes you read about in books or magazines, where they seem perfect and make you feel sick because you wish you were like that. It wasn't that they were perfect though, it was just that they had discovered the secret to happiness.

Happy Family

Each other.

The family did lots of things together, that some might think as dangerous and others thought as being very wise. They even let the smallest of the family play with knives!

The family had 100's of free things to do (and lots of things that weren't free too) and lots of the things were things that other families liked to do or had forgotten that they used to do when they were young.

The family made silly crafts of themselves out of toilet rolls and got up to all sorts of antics. They liked to make something out of nothing and they always had plenty of toilet rolls stacked up.

Happy Family Made Out of Toilet Rolls

When the Mummy and Daddy were talking one night they realised that they had some rules that they followed for creating a happy family life and although the rules applied to them, they realised that lots of other people thought the rules were good values to aspire to.

When it came to showing each other that they loved each other, they came up with creative ways to show it. It wasn't that they didn't say I love you, or they didn't hug or kiss each other but sometimes they wanted to go the extra mile and that was when the Mummy would bring out the extra special treats of Friday Lunches where rainbows were a special way of saying I love you.

A Rainbow Lunch

Eventually some other families started to talk bad things about this family. Nobody knows why although several had a good guess, the playground gossip didn't bother the family though because they knew what the other families didn't know. That each and every family member was well and truly loved.

The family made sure that wherever they went that they made lots of lasting memories with each other as they knew that in time the places and people might not be the same, but that they would always have memories of the fun they had together on the beach, or at the park, or walking through the forests and that one day those memories would have to sustain them until they could be together again.

And at the end of the year the family were together. They were happy, they were pleased to be friends with each other and they knew that the traditions they made together would last all their lives.