Things to do at Christmas - Christmas Traditions

I want to thank everyone who has taken part in my Christmas Traditions guest posts over this month, it has been lovely finding out all the things families do at Christmas. The common theme was that Christmas is a time for friends and family to come together, to forget the day to day tasks and to enjoy their time together.

I think that is what we have to remember, that Christmas for all of us when you take away the glitter is about love and sharing that love. There are so many of us who pin too much to Christmas Day, it is a day where everything is expected to be perfect and just like in the movies. Many think of Christmas to just be the 25th December and come the next day there is bitterness over an argument that spoilt the day, sadness that a family member wasn't there to celebrate with you, disappointment over a dry Turkey.

Christmas Hats

Christmas isn't just the 25th of December though. Christmas is a feeling, it is advent and going to the panto and everything you do as a family, decorating the tree, making mince pies or going to a carol concert. That warm feeling you get whilst thinking about all the fun you can have together, *that* is Christmas. And so with that in mind, here is a list of things that you might want to do every Christmas.

  1. Make Christmas Biscuits/Cookies
  2. Ice Christmas Biscuits/Cookies
  3. Make the Christmas Cake
  4. Ice the Christmas Cake
  5. Make Mince Pies
  6. Get Children to decorate their own tree and room
  7. Choose a Christmas tree together (or just take a look at real trees)
  8. Decorate a tree with your family
  9. Take part in a Carol Concert, or sing Carol's together at home
  10. Go to a Carol Concert
  11. Go to a Nativity performance
  12. Make your own Christmas Cards
  13. Write your own Christmas Cards
  14. Create your own Wrapping Paper
  15. Wrap up gifts together
  16. Make a Christmas decoration
  17. Make Paper Chains
  18. Watch Christmas Movies everyday (or weekend)
  19. Go Christmas Shopping
  20. Circle everything you want to watch over Christmas in a TV Listing magazine
  21. Watch a Christmas special (or two)
  22. Write a Family Christmas Letter
  23. Write a letter or make a list for Santa
  24. Visit Santa in his Grotto
  25. Read Christmas Stories to each other
  26. Make a gift for another family member
  27. Write a Christmas themed Poem, Story or Song
  28. Make something for the Christmas Meal in advance
  29. Create a Table Decoration or place names
  30. Make your own Advent Calendar
  31. Burn a countdown candle
  32. Have and Advent Wreath
  33. Make a Gingerbread House
  34. Make Tree Biscuits
  35. Make your own Chocolate Tree decorations
  36. Create the ultimate Hot Chocolate
  37. Track Santa at NORAD
  38. Watch a PNP Santa Video made for you
  39. Make a Christmas Music Playlist
  40. Listen to a Christmas Radio Station
  41. Watch the Christmas Lights Twinkle with no other lights on
  42. Go for a moonlit walk to see Christmas lights locally
  43. Go on a Christmas Light hunt in the car
  44. Go on a Santa hunt in the car
  45. Go to the turn on of your local Christmas Lights
  46. Donate a gift to a local Charity
  47. Donate food to a local food bank
  48. Donate pet food to a local animal shelter
  49. Go to a Panto
  50. Put on your own Panto
  51. Go to see a Ballet performance
  52. Go Ice Skating
  53. Go to a Christmas event at a theme park or a Christmas theme park
  54. Go to a Christmas fayre or market type event
  55. Make your own Christmas Stockings
  56. Make your own Christmas Crackers
  57. Visit with Friends and Family
  58. Open a gift on Christmas Eve
  59. Have matching PJ's for the family
  60. Eat Chocolate for Breakfast everyday in advent
  61. Plan a special Christmas Breakfast
  62. Take an annual Christmas photo
  63. Make a list of who gave which Christmas gift to who
  64. Read the Christmas Story together
  65. Buy gifts following the philosophy one thing you want, one thing you need, one thing to eat and one thing to read
  66. Buy a new Christmas Decoration for your tree
  67. Leave out Reindeer food with glitter to help guide Santa to your house
  68. Open gifts together
  69. Do something unique to your family that appeals to your own sense of fun and family (Christmas Day Car wash anyone?)
  70. Remember Christmases of your pasts but enjoy the time you are having now
  71. Visit a Nativity Scene, or make your own
  72. Have a Christmas Party as big or as small as you like!
  73. Make Christmas Eve as special as you like
  74. Go to the Cinema and watch a Christmas film
  75. Have a special take away or dinner one evening (or on Christmas Eve)
  76. Combine traditions from other cultures, religions and countries to make it special to you!
  77. Leave a Snack out for Santa and his Reindeer
  78. Put Scratch Cards on the Tree
  79. Spread out opening gifts during the day to prolong the excitement
  80. Bring Nature in and make some Nature decorations
  81. If there is no Snow go to a Snow Centre and go sledging
  82. Go for a Boxing Day Swim in the Sea
  83. Deliver a secret gift to a Neighbour
  84. Try traditional Christmas foods (you might like them!)
  85. Offer to help an Elderly Neighbour with their Christmas shopping or decorating
  86. Write thank you letters
  87. Tell each other Christmas jokes
  88. Make a Christmas Window Display
  89. Buy a special Christmas Day Outfit
  90. Take a Christmas Day Walk
  91. Have a Secret Santa gift exchange
  92. Go to a Church Service (you could go to one at midnight and open your gifts when you get back!)
  93. Take part in a cookie swap
  94. Have a Christmas Elf on the Shelf to visit
  95. Have a Christmas Meal that is your favourite dishes, not what tradition dictates
  96. Have a gift to open on Boxing Day (we once opened gifts all the way to Top Ender's birthday!)
  97. Start a Christmas Tree Ornament exchange
  98. Having a special meal on Boxing Day
  99. Do a Christmas Stocking Exchange
  100. The most important suggestion though was ENJOY the time together as a family.
So from our home to yours have a very merry Christmas.