The Great Father Christmas Hunt

There are a lot of things that you can do at Christmas that are cheap or frugal and that mean that you have fun as a family or group of friends. I talked about Christmas Light Hunts last year, but there is also The Father Christmas Hunts that you can go on too. When my sister and I were small we would go in the car at Christmas in the late evening to go and find Father Christmas. At the time we didn't realise that my parents knew where Father Christmas was going to be checking up on Children and practising his route for Christmas Eve because it was a magical time (they knew as the Round Table had a bit in the local paper saying where they would be and when) and we were far more interested in spotting Father Christmas than trying to dissect the magic and children today are the same!

Santa playing a banjo Christmas Decoration

In our area we still have the Round Table Father Christmas, although I have never seen a schedule in the local paper for where he will be and when, and yet we still go on Father Christmas hunts and they are still as magic as when my sister and I were young. In case you are wanting to go on a similar hunt, here are some of my top tips for making it magical!

  • Wait until the children are in bed, or about to go to bed. If needs be put them to bed a half hour early so you know they will be awake. Ask them if they want to go on an adventure or go to sleep... most children will opt for the adventure!
  • Bundle into the car with dressing gowns, blankets and warming snacks such as Hot Chocolate in a flask or Travel Mug. Just make sure that you have a good CD or tape of Christmas Music playing to really set the mood! If you are going to go on a walk then make sure that you are all wrapped up warm in coats and hats and gloves.
  • A still warm pile of cookies or Mince Pies to be shared amongst those in the car is great fun, and also helps to keep Children awake a little longer!
  • Look out for Father Christmas everywhere. He might be hiding on a house as a light decoration, or as a blow up Santa in a Garden, obviously he doesn't want everyone knowing he is trying out the route in your area!
  • Don't forget to shout Hello when you see Father Christmas. Of course, the children might of been looking in the wrong direction, or not have eaten enough carrots (like you have) to be able to see him in dark in the distance but if you point and shout Hello enough they will soon see him too...
I am sure that you will find the excitement of this one night enough to provide you with memories until you go out again next year!