Vimto Limited Edition Hot Mulled Berry Punch

I received a bottle of the Vimto Berry Punch.

Today has taught me many things, mainly that if I want something to happen bad enough then I'm stubborn enough to make it happen. So when I was watching yet another Christmas film which had a young couple joyfully drinking some mulled wine after having been ice skating and before going home to a sumptuous Christmas feast and I felt that I was missing out again, I knew I had to come up with a plan. I don't really want to start drinking alcohol (and I was never really interested in red wine when I did drink alcohol) and the last mulled wine alternative I didn't like, so I was going to have to find an alternative to try. Then I remembered that Vimto had sent me a Limited Edition Hot Mulled Berry Punch earlier in the month and I could try that!
"...Vimto’s much-loved original flavor has been blended with an enticing concoction of aromatic cloves, warming cinnamon and sweet nutmeg to pack a seasonal punch. Just add hot water for a warming non-alcoholic drink or use as a mixer to create a hot winter cocktail..."

Well I love Vimto, so adding the spices to the drink and then serving it hot seems like a great idea! I will often drink cordials with hot water when I am in the mood for a hot drink. I boiled the kettle added a small amount of the Berry Punch to a mug and poured in the water. I could smell the cloves and the cinnamon and taking my first sip was prepared to recoil as I had before.

Vimto Limited Edition Hot Mulled Berry Punch

I took another sip, I was actually enjoying this. It was sweet, it was spicy it was warm and hang on it was an alcohol free alternative to mulled wine! I had done it! I had found something that I could drink when I was feeling jealous of all the other mulled wine drinkers.

A Happy Mulled Wine Face

So today I found out that I should never give up wanting to try new things and if I hit an obstacle that I can find a way round it with a little bit of luck... now maybe I should look into booking that skydiving course?

If you fancy having a try of the juice instead of Mulled Wine this Christmas then pop along to Tesco where you can buy a 725ml bottle for £1.89.