Why Big Boy isn't getting the toy he wants for Christmas thanks to The Hut

Over a month ago I placed an order with The Hut for an Imaginext Dinosaur. This was the toy that Big Boy had desperately wanted, had found and sat happily playing with when we went to the Fisher Price Baby Show Party and was so sure that Father Christmas would get it for him that he has cleared a space in his bedroom for where this T-Rex will live.

I had ordered it with a retailer online the night before the Fisher Price Baby Show Party and they wrote to me via email to me to let me know they were really sorry but they didn't have it in stock and they didn't think they were going to get any more before Christmas and so I should probably look else where. By really quickly I mean when they got into work the next morning they emailed me straight away.

Annoyed? Well yes, but Christmas was still a good month and a bit away and so I knew I could afford the time to look for another retailer selling what looks to be one of the most popular toys this Christmas. This is when I found The Hut with a slightly more expensive price for the toy, but I didn't care and I found a discount code and so the toy was actually going to cost the same amount as it was with the first retailer.

Then I waited for it to be delivered along with all the other items I had ordered online for Christmas.

I waited anxiously.

And I waited.

And still I waited.

I checked the account, it said it was awaiting a stock pick and that it would be sent out December 20th. Okay cutting it fine, but it would get here in time for Christmas. I wasn't sure why it was taking so long, but you know awaiting stock pick means it is in stock.

Today however I got a little bit bored of waiting. I mean, I have things to do next week. I want to bake and deliver cookies, go for walks with the Children, go sing Carols at the Neighbours. All things that require me not to be waiting in for a delivery. So I tweeted The Hut and asked if they had my order in stock and why they couldn't send it out this week instead of next.

A few minutes later I got an email. The email below.

Email from the Hut
Click to see it full screen

So basically what they are saying is they don't have my order in stock and I might not get it for Christmas.

Great. Brilliant.

I don't accept this, I don't want to order anything else from The Hut seeing as they said what I had ordered previously was in stock and yet it appears that they lied. I want the order I place fulfilled, I want my son to be able to open his gift on Christmas morning and know that Santa brought him the toy he wanted, just like he asked.

I guess this is my own fault for thinking that a online retailer would be a good way of ordering my Christmas gifts. Next year I will be only be buying items I actually have my hands on and I hope that nobody else has to worry about orders not being delivered by The Hut this Christmas.