This was 2011 - Wordless Wednesday

In January we had fun making Shampoo Sculptures and gave ourselves a brand new look!
Shampoo Hair Sculptures

In February we created a four eye monster

Our eyes looking down a tube made into a monster

In March we were taking part in Lent and we got new jumpers from Nanny B

Top Ender and Big Boys wearing jumpers from Nanny B

In April we saw beauty everywhere, including a rainbow in the dishwater!

A Rainbow in the Dishwater

In May we went for a lot of walks in Hazeley Woods

Hazely Woods

In June we had some lovely weather (and some not so lovely weather) but we did see some Trafalgar Square Lions
Top Ender and Big Boy in front of a Trafalgar Square Lion

In July we started our Summer Holidays and our First Day of the Summer Holidays was pretty fantastic and resulted in Top Ender and Big Boy being Best Friends.

Top Ender and Big Boy are Best Friends

In August we played on the indoor beach and took this photograph at the end of our Summer Holidays.

The indoor beach

In September we saw A Rainbow at Big Ben

A Rainbow over Big Ben

In October we made Jacket Potato Mice

Jacket Potato Mice

In November we were a little mean to The Poor Cat

Willow with Mouse Ear Muffs

In December we were ready for our best Christmas ever. And it was too.

Top Ender and Big Boy at Christmas