The Cathedral City Chedds Range

I was sent a voucher to buy some of the new range from Cathedral City, called Chedds. They are three different cheese snacks aimed at children, although when my Mum was shopping the other day she picked some up for herself. I was pleased to be able to try them out as even though Top Ender and Big Boy love Cathedral City cheese they are quite fussy when it comes to cheese snacks preferring one particular snack sized brand.
Cathedral City Chedds Group Shot

As Top Ender, Big Boy and I were heading off to see the Christmas Panto in London I knew that we were going to need some snacks and so I grabbed from the fridge three packets of Cheese and Toasties that I had picked up from the Supermarket the night before. I hadn't actually paid much attention to what they were, but I had figured that if the children were hungry enough they would eat what they were given. It's a parenting 101 that is. As we sat in the theatre I opened up two of the packets for Big Boy and Top Ender and I was surprised to see that the toast was Melba Toast. I was expecting it to be a cracker, but then I suppose it wouldn't be called Cheese and Toasties! Big Boy and Top Ender have never had Melba toast so I was worried that they weren't going to enjoy the snack, but they were soon both eating their individual packs and crunching away.

Top Ender and Big Boy eating Chedds Cheese and Toasties

The Chedds Bricks I took to putting in Top Ender's lunchbox as part of the balanced and creative lunches I make for her (honest I do!). She loved them not just because of the joke or fact that she found on the packets but because they were just the right size for a bit of her favourite cheese as part of her lunch.

Top Ender's Ho! Ho! Ho! lunch with Chedds Brick

The Chedds Nibbles were little cubes of cheese in a pack. It was Big Boy who liked these the most and was found one snack time seeing how many he could fit in his mouth at one time... I just wish I had taken a second to grab a photo of him looking like a Hamster!

The three different snacks were a great hit with both Top Ender and Big Boy and I liked them too. I liked that it was a brand I already knew (and trusted) and I loved that the snacks were different variations on the cheese snack theme. I think out of all three that it is the Cheese and Toasties that were the biggest hit and we will be adding them to our trolley in the future.

All three packs are around the £1.99 price mark... well in the supermarkets I went to they were!