Coppella Winter Warmer

I was sent two vouchers for the Coppella Winter Warmer.

As you might have guessed I love Christmas. Being a non drinker though I always feel like I am missing out when Mulled Wine is handed out in snowy street scenes in films as I have never seen a non alcoholic version. Copella must have been thinking about me when they made the new Copella Winter Warmer as it is in their words
"...a delicious spiced apple juice blended with clove, cinnamon, cassia, nutmeg, bay, allspice, and juniper berry. You can heat it up in the microwave or on the hob - the perfect drink to keep you cosy this winter and a nice alternative to mulled wine..."

Sounds like perfect stuff for these cold evenings and I get to try a mulled wine alternative that smells delicious. I heated a small mug of the juice in the microwave and tentatively sipped it. Well, I could smell the cinnamon and I could taste the clove but I wasn't quite sure. 

Copella Winter Warmer

I sipped another sip and did that sticky mouth thing when you open and close your mouth a few times but your face doesn't quite know what you are doing and you end up looking a bit like you are sucking lemons whilst gurning. 

A Sucking Lemons and Gurning Face

It was at this point I realised that there are some Christmas traditions that I shouldn't yearn after and drinking mulled wine is one of them. I tried to give the rest of the family some of the juice, but they weren't having it so I'm looking up recipes to include it in instead! 

If you fancy having a try of the juice instead of Mulled Wine this Christmas then pop along to Sainsburys or Waitrose where you can buy a 750ml bottle for around £1.72.