How to get the Cindy Lou Who Look

One of the most popular search terms every Christmas here at AMR is Cindy Lou Who. I believe that the pictures of Top Ender dressed up in our version of Cindy Lou Who is the reason as to why so many people look here, so I thought I would offer a quick tutorial on how to get the Cindy Lou Who look.
Cindy Lou Who

The Cindy Lou Who dress is easy, any dress that looks vaguely like it is for Christmas will do. Every year I buy from a discount store a Mrs Christmas costume for Top Ender to wear to Christmas events. This dress cost £2 from a bargain basement type store. It was too big and itchy but Top Ender wore it over her ordinary clothes and found it kept her really warm, which is handy seeing as it is normally cold here at this time of year!

Cindy Lou Who

The best part of our Cindy Lou Who costume is Top Ender's hair, which as you can see rises out from her scalp at an odd angle. This is the easiest thing to do ever. Take two pipe cleaners and plait into your hair, leave the end a little away from your scalp or the pipe cleaner will keep poking you, which can be sore! When you have plaited the hair just bend the pipe cleaners into the shape you want your Cindy Who Lou hairdo to be.

Top Ender has really fine hair so I spray hairspray into her hair first and then plait it so that it is "sticky", I don't think it makes a difference if you don't do this, but I thought I had best mention it just in case!

That's it! A simple Cindy Lou Who look for Christmas!