Fish is the Dish Posh Fish fingers

I'm so bad, I should have blogged about this the other week but I forgot. 

The other week I made fish fingers with the haddock and cod fillets that Fish is the Dish had asked Delish Fish to send to me. The recipe that I was given was for posh fish fingers using breadcrumbs and whilst that is delicious I much prefer battered fish fingers and so Daddy and I had a cook off with me making the breaded fish fingers and him making the battered fish fingers. Then because he needed to eat his fish fingers whilst they were hot and I am a much better cook (no really I am!) I took over making the battered fish fingers!
Battered Posh Fish Fingers

The cook off was won by me but with Daddy's battered fish fingers. I found the breadcrumb ones to be too dry (even though the fish was moist the crumb just didn't do it for me) and even the battered ones didn't work that well. The fish was nice, but I think it would have been nicer making something else, or even just eating the fish without a coating.
Breaded Posh Fish Fingers

The whole point of this campaign though is about showing how easy fish is to cook and how many different fish dishes there are. It didn't matter that we didn't like the fish fingers, because now we know that we need to tweak the recipe a little before we serve them again and we will work on it because we do know that fish is an important part of our diet.

I loved that the haddock we were sent was caught in the North Sea (and has a Marine Stewardship Council Accreditation)  and by one of two different Vessels (I would have said boat, but I was told it was a vessel!). I love that you can track where the fish comes from because it makes me feel more responsible about what I am eating.

I know that I'm not always as inspiring as I could be, but I do hope that reading about how I am cooking with fish despite my lack of amazing cooking skills is inspiring others to cook with fish too.. In fact if there is a fish dish that you have always wanted to cook but want me to cook it first as a trial run for you let me know and I'll give it a go!