What to do with Christmas Leftovers - Turkey Salad

At Christmas I always buy a bag (or two) of Salad. This is normally for an accompaniment to something like a starter or for lunch on Boxing Day (when I am all cooked out) or even just to make Sandwiches more interesting  as there is only so much you can take of a Turkey and Stuffing Sandwich! What is good though is to use this with the Turkey to make a Turkey Salad.

Turkey Salad with French Dressing

Now I am guessing that you know how to make a Turkey Salad using up what you have in your fridge and my photo of a Turkey Salad with French Dressing is just the start of ideas for you... but just in case here are some more ideas!

*Add Croutons
*Add Feta Cheese or lumps of any Cheese from the Cheese Board!
*Add Cubed potato (Leftover from Christmas Dinner?)
*Eat with a Jacket Potato
*Add a Crusty Roll