Pippa's Made Up Fish Dish

As part of the Fish is The Dish campaign I am given the fish for the dish we are asked to try.

Sometimes I'm a stubborn little madam. Like when the lovely people at Fish Is The Dish sent me some smoked mackerel to make Smoked Mackerel Risotto I decided that I would make it without the alcohol (don't get me started on the use of alcohol in cooking) one evening when Daddy and I could sit down together to enjoy it. I had all the ingredients and all I needed was the umph to make it. I kept putting it off until last night when I had to make it (fish only stays fresh for so long!) and I unfortunately had a really, really bad headache (because I hadn't eaten all day) that made me not able to think in any form of line let alone a straight one. I knew that I couldn't stand over an oven and make the risotto so I decided to do what comes naturally to me and just make something up.

I had frozen chopped onion so I gently fried it, added some chopped mushrooms, a handful or two of frozen peas and some chopped spring onions. I let this gently simmer in my special expensive frying pan (which doesn't need oil because it is that clever) and quickly cooked some wheat free pasta. At the last minute I quickly took the skin off the mackerel fillets and flaked it into the frying pan and just let it heat through and then served it before my headache stopped me seeing what I was doing! I had intended to toss the fish mixture into the pasta but I really had to eat quickly to get rid of my headache and so all you get is a quick picture that I snapped as I sat down to eat.
Pippa's Made up Fish Dish

It tasted lovely (if I do say so myself!) and even Daddy said how lovely the fish was. He tends to avoid trying different types of fish because he doesn't like a fishy fish taste but I think that this dish changed his mind and so I've been looking at the Delish Fish website (where the fish is being sent from thanks to John Milne) to see what I could order to help Daddy try some more varieties of fish. And seeing as there was more than enough Mackerel sent to make my made up fish dish and the risotto I will make the risotto at some point next week, with the Mackerel I froze.