The First School Uniform

I'm a little bit in denial that Big Boy is starting School in just a few days. I don't remember being like this with Tops, probably because I knew that she was going to love School and she was really ready for it. Saying that I know that Big Boy is ready for School, I'm just not ready for him to leave me during the day! If I don't think about them both going to School then maybe it won't be happening quite so soon.

Still I know that I have to kit them out with all the things they need for School; School Uniform, School Shoes, School Bag, Lunch Box, Coat, Rain Coat and a PE Kit amongst other things and I know that we need more than one pair of trousers and more than one jumper and several polo shirts as Big Boy can rarely keep clean for a few minutes let alone a whole day and I'm not sure that I'll be ready to do a do a couple of loads of washing every night.

Matalan asked if I would like to review some School Uniform for Top Ender and Big Boy, so after a good look around the website I ordered a rather long list of items from the School Uniform section and waited for delivery. A few days later and the package arrived and the children had great fun looking through to see what had been ordered.

Big Boy and Top Ender in their Matalan School Uniform

I can't really review how hard wearing the clothes are, because other than for this picture the Children haven't worn them and I haven't washed them yet as like I said I'm trying to pretend that the children won't be going back to School quite so soon. I can say that they appear to be good quality clothes and are a good price, because I can compare them to other School uniform items that I have brought in the past. As soon as the children have worn the clothes for longer than five minutes I'll make sure to post an update to this post!

By the way I'm refusing to look at this picture as my children are growing up far too fast and I'm not sure I like it.

Matalan sent me the items free of charge to review.

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