Hello, I'm Pippa

You might remember me from such blogs as this one and Pippa World and from my Twitter stream and various other places. Dancing lifts... you remember me from there right?

Well, anyway I've been missing in action for a bit and my poor little blog is being neglected. Mainly because it's the Summer Holiday and I've been chilling with Tops and BB, partly because I've been at the gym in the evenings and not sitting on the sofa and also a little bit because I've lost my mojo (again. yeah it's an annual event lol).

I'm sitting down now though and I'm going to write down everything that's been going on, and things that we've seen and places that we've been and all the usual ramblings that you've come to expect from me... maybe I should make it sound more exciting! Oh, well too late now.

On with the blogging!

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