What's For Lunch? (W/C 13/08)

Lunch is starting to be a bit of a battle here, Big Boy is determined that everyday he should have access to chips and Top Ender is determined that everyday should be a pasta day. Whilst I understand that they have their favourite foods and want to stick to them, I want to increase the different foods they eat and so I'm being rather strict about what they can eat and when (also because of BB's diabetes). This is leading to more arguments but I'm slowly getting through to them that they have to eat a wide selection of foods and fruits and vegetables to be healthy.

Monday - Pink Salmon Pitta

Salmon filled Pitta breads are one of my favourite lunches and as Salmon is an oily fish, it helps with reducing the risk of death from heart disease. Also it's tasty!

Canned Wild Pink Salmon

Tuesday - Chicken Sandwich

I don't think you can beat a nice Chicken Sandwich, and as I have some cookie cutters that I've been dying to use we'll have some nice fun shape chicken sandwiches!

Wednesday - Dips and Crudités

I'm hoping to give the children a selection of different vegetables and dips in their lunch boxes when they go back to school. Big Boy quite likes Hummus, but Top Ender says that she doesn't and Top Ender likes Pesto but Big Boy says that he doesn't. A quick selection of different dips with different vegetables and some bread sticks and I'll find out once and for all which dips the children will or won't eat.

Thursday - Ham and Crackers

Big Boy is a big fan of the pre-packaged crackers and ham and cheese lunch packs that you can buy, but I'm trying to teach him that Mummy makes better versions. I think he is starting to come round!

Friday - Top Ender's Friday Lunch

We're going to get our school shoes tomorrow, so the Friday lunch is going to be either cheese or shoe themed! I will try and remember to post a picture of it this week over on Facebook, so keep an eye out!

I'm also trying to make my lunch planner sheet look a bit prettier so I can share that with you, as it really helps to get a variety of foods into a weeks lunches!

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