Walker Picture Book Picnic Blog Tour - The Duckling Gets A Cookie!?

When Walker Books asked if we would like to take part in their Picture Book Picnic, we were really excited. After all who doesn't like picnics and picture books?! We were even more excited when our pack arrived as featuring in the books sent was a book from our favourite Mo Willems series!

The Duckling Gets A Cookie!? Book Cover

We had a picnic at my Sisters house (she has a huge paddling pool and it was the hottest day of the year so it made sense!) and I read The Duckling Gets A Cookie!? to Top Ender, Big Boy and the eldest three of our four cousin sisters (the baby wasn't really listening!) whilst they all munched on Cookies together. We thought the cookies rather apt seeing as how that is what the book is about and it wasn't quite time for our picnic lunch.

If you don't know the Mo Willems pigeon book series, then you are in for a treat. Pigeon is a cranky (Well, I say he is cranky!) pigeon who likes to get his own way... just like most of the children we all know and love! Pigeon generally demands things and never seems to get his own way. So far this week we've refused his request to drive a bus, to stay up late, to have a puppy, followed him on his quest for hot dogs and even helped him deal with a very wide range of emotions and yet we love him because he has that way about him that you just have to laugh and admire his persistence. He does remind me a lot of BB at times, but don't tell BB I told you!

Duckling is sweet and polite and as we find out in this new book a teeny tiny little bit sneaky, again just like the children we all know and love! The children I read the book to loved the story and even though the cousins aren't aware of the other stories they understood straight away the dynamic of the relationship between the two birds and I think that they could relate to the story.

I put voices on to read the story, but you have to with the way it is written. Mo Willems writes with things in CAPITALS for emphasis and there are plenty of exclamation points to help drive home the point of the text. It's a real pleasure to read and I don't mind having to read them again and again and again and again because they are so sweet and delightful (can you tell we are HUGE fans?!) and it's great to hear your children laugh again and again (and again and again) at the stories.

One of the best parts of the picnic (other than the sandwiches my sister made, seriously she makes a great sandwich) was seeing all the children reading books. They looked at pictures together and both Top Ender and Biggest Cousin took turns in reading some of the other story books to the younger non-readers throughout the afternoon and in between dips in the paddling pool.

Reading some of the Walker Picture Books

If you fancy reading more about the books that we were sent then follow the picnic on to it's next stop (See the image below for details) and make sure that you pop to a book shop to pick up copies of your favourite stories from the blogger tour.

And if you want to have a fantastic Pigeon themed picnic at home then make sure to stock up on Hot Dogs, Cookies with and without nuts! I'll be posting a full picnic run down on Friday as part of a Top Enders Friday Lunch, with plenty of ways that you can make sandwiches, cakes and fruit snacks in a Pigeon theme for a Pigeon Picnic, if you want to go down the more traditional picnic lunch route... you'll have to just wait until I remake some of the food items because in true me fashion I forgot to take pictures of the food my sister and I made until it was all eaten and it didn't look as good then!

We were sent a tote bag full of picture books and other treats for our picnic by Walker Books.

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