What's For Lunch? (W/C 06/08)

I didn't do a post for lunch last week as we were only going to be here for two lunches, I wish I had though as I kept wondering what to do for lunch and didn't have anything to refer to! This week I have some great ideas and plans... I just hope they work out!

Monday - Rice Salad

I eat a lot of Salad because I think it's tasty, but Big Boy and Tops aren't keen on Salad. I've been trying to get them to try little bits and as there is always a salad in the fridge (and on the table for evening meals) I'm hoping that the more they see me and Daddy eat the salad, the more they will want to eat it themselves. So far it's kind of working, but I thought a nice pretty rice salad for lunch might be just the way to speed it up! Just imagine this veggie rice and Chicken with a bit of Salad!

Rice Salad with Chicken

Tuesday - Olympic Bento

Thanks to Coke, Daddy and I are off to the Olympics today. We are both really excited and because my Mum has very kindly agreed to look after Tops and Big Boy I have tried to help her out by planning to make a Bento for the children's lunch so all she has to do is get the boxes out of the fridge. Of course one of the biggest symbols on the Olympics is the Olympic rings, so there will be some rings, some medals and some tributes to some of our favourite sporting heroes!

Wednesday - Ham Sandwich

With us now understanding more about BB's diabetes, we have to make sure that his blood sugar stays in the perfect range (between 4mmol/L and 8mmol/L), obviously sometimes it gets lower and we have to react to that, or higher and we have to react to that too but we are working out ways of helping BB to keep his levels stable. A nice ham sandwich should help us keep it level.

Thursday - Boiled Egg and bread

I love shaping boiled eggs, they are much more fun when they aren't the normal oval shape. I have a few egg moulds that I can use and the children can decide between and I know a few "cheat" steps to make other shapes for a couple of fun surprises too. I've had an idea for the future regarding eggs after having a rather odd thought whilst at the gym, so hopefully I'm going to have a great egg based meal next week!

Friday - Top Ender's Friday Lunch

We are trying to get Big Boy ready for School and so we are having packed lunches and our special Friday lunches are still as special as they were during term time! Today is a special lunch that I am sure will make an appearance during the School year, if not during the first term!

So lots of ideas for lunches this week, some new favourites, some old favourites and some that I'm hoping the more we eat the more that Big Boy and Top Ender will like as they really are good for them!

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