Morrisons M Savers Baguette Pizza

If you had read my meal plans for the week you might have been a little confused when reading on Twitter that last night we all had Spicy Sausage Rice for our evening meal as that is what we were supposed to be having for lunch today. Then again, like my Mum you probably didn't read the blog post about what we were eating or see my Twitter stream last night and wonder what the heck I am going on about.

Like an idiot I forgot to defrost the beef for last nights dinner, so I decided to bring forward the Morrisons M Savers meal I was creating forward a day. Walking around the supermarket yesterday afternoon gave me no inspiration so I had the idea of swapping the meals around. Serve Spicy Sausage Rice for dinner to the family on Monday, have the Morrisons M Savers meal for lunch. It was a perfect solution and so I set off to buy the things we would need.

Morrisons M Savers Baguette Pizza Ingredients

As you can see I didn't need a lot.

A can of Pineapple £0.32
A packet of Grated Cheese £2.13
A packet of Part Bake Baguettes £0.45
A can of Chopped Tomatoes and £0.31
A packet of Garlic Bread £0.30

I also brought some Morrisons Savers Juice at £1.00 but that's for another blog post!

In case you hadn't guessed, it was Baguette Pizza for lunch today and Top Ender and Big Boy loved making them. They are dead simple to make and really quite cheap too, and having looked round the shop at the different food items that are in the M Savers range there were a lot of meals I could have made.

So how to make the baguette pizzas.

Take the two baguettes out of the packet, cut them in half length ways and then spread some of the chopped tomatoes across the cut sides of the bread, before sprinkling with grated cheddar. At this point you can add whatever toppings you want, I had brought Pineapple for Tops to add, but she decided to skip it this time and just have a plain cheese pizza. They cooked really lovely, (Gas mark six for 15 minutes) and the Garlic Bread had been in the oven for a few minutes before I added the Baguette Pizzas so they were all ready at the same time.

Pizza Baguettes

We ate them sitting on the floor in the living room, where we all had a good giggle and congratulated each other on how well we had cooked our lunch. They got eaten rather quickly and I think that they were by far the best lunch we've had for a while!

Pizza Baguettes

What do you think? Would you use the M Savers range or do you prefer to use name brands?

I was sent a voucher to buy the ingredients and I also brought some garden tea light holders with the voucher. Am I going to blogger hell?.

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