How To Make A Simple Sugar Scrub

I was taught how to make a Simple Sugar Scrub, which is so simple to make you could make it at home very easily and as it is so easy and is also really great to use in the shower I'm going to impart my new found wisdom to you, so that you can make it at home too!


Demerara Sugar
Granulated Sugar
Olive Oil (the cheap stuff)
Essential Oils of your choice

Suitable Jar
Something to stir with


Take the jar for your scrub to live in and take the lid off.

Add one spoon of Demerara and one spoonful of Granulated Sugar.

Sugar layering for a Sugar Scrub

Put the lid on for a moment and give it a shake to mix up the sugars (so it looks pretty too!)

Sugar layering for a Sugar Scrub

Add a glug of Olive Oil and a few drops of essential oil, we used a couple of drops of ginger and a few more of Lime but you can use others that compliment each other or that are your favourites. I'm already thinking of  making a Chocolate and Vanilla one and possibly a Honey and Almond one but I'm not sure!

Sugar and Olive Oil layering for a Sugar Scrub

Stir and keep layering like this (although you don't have to add any more essential oils if you don't want to) until your jar is full, if you add too much Olive Oil then add some Granulated Sugar as it absorbs the oil. You should get something that ends up looking like this;

Home Made Ginger and Lime Sugar Scrub

If you want a harder scrub use more Demerara in your mixture and if you want it to be more gentle than use more Granulated Sugar. You know your own skin, but this 50/50 mixture is a good balance if you are unsure of where to start.

Remember when you are using this in the shower not to get water into the jar because the water will make the mixture go mouldy and you will want to keep it to use a few times a week, don't use it on your face (Sugar scrubs are always sold with a warning not to use on your face although I'm not sure why!) and most importantly make sure you rinse it off well or you might find yourself licking at your arm if you catch a whiff!

I'm going to be making this and a few other home made "spa" treatments for Christmas gifts for Tops and BB's teachers and Class assistants this year (Sorry for spoiling the surprise if you are reading this Miss Charles*!) so I'll blog the results and the methods too over the next few weeks!

*Miss Charles isn't her real name, but she'll understand!

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