Spicy Sausage Rice

We love Sausages here at A Mothers Ramblings and our favourite are currently the Gluten Free Sausages that Marks & Spencer sell. This week I had planned to make Spicy Sausage Rice for lunch, but we ended up having it for dinner and I thought it would be a good meal to share here as it's quite frugal too.

M&S Gluten Free Sausages

Cook 350 grams of rice. I prefer the absorption method, but do what you prefer! Whilst it is cooking cut the eight Sausages into three or four pieces depending on how big you want them to be. Gently fry them so that they are cooked through.

When the Rice and Sausages are cooked mix the sausages into the rice, along with a can of chopped tomatoes, and a couple of handfuls of frozen peas. Add a teaspoon of Curry powder (Or Chilli powder) and gently heat for five minutes or so until the peas are cooked and everything is heated through.


Spicy Sausage Rice

It was quite spicy, but the children didn't notice and it was very filling, so much so that I was convinced that I had eaten too much and had to work extra hard at the gym. My portion, was roughly 500 calories (I didn't weigh it so can't be exact!) which I don't think is too bad for an evening meal.

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