Happy Monkey Smoothies - A Review

I've gone crazy for Smoothies it seems, drinking them for Breakfast, coming up with my own recipes and trying to encourage the children to drink them too as I really want to be able to put Smoothies in their lunch box to have as an alternative to Milk, Squash or Fruit Juice. Happy Monkey Smoothies asked if I'd like Tops and BB would like to try their Smoothies and so after saying yes, giving my address and waiting a few days two packets arrived in the post. My Two Happy monkeys each chose a different flavour to try, Big Boy went for Strawberry and Banana and Top Ender went for Orange and Mango.

Big Boy with Happy Monkey SmoothieTop Ender with Happy Monkey Smoothie

The lunch I had given them this particular day were Mini Sausage Rolls and these Fruit Smoothies were a perfect addition to them. Big Boy and Tops drank the Smoothies down and commented "Delicious" and "Tasty" before asking if they could have any more. The slurps that I had before passing them to the children (Quality inspection!) also allowed me to confirm that they are indeed tasty and delicious.

The great thing about the Smoothies is that they really are smooth, unlike the ones that I make. There are no lumps in them so it's just 180ml of juice and what would be the equivalent of one potion of fruit. As they are made from fruit which has natural sugars, the makers haven't added extra sugar or sweeteners which means that this is a good drink for BB to have if his sugars are low or if he is having a generally low sugar lunch. It's a treat, but in comparison to what some people think of as treats a fairly healthy one.

The drinks do need to be kept in the fridge, but they keep for up to 12 hours out of the fridge so they are perfect for throwing into a lunch box when the children go back to School!

We were sent two packs of the Happy Monkey Smoothies to review. My Monkeys rather enjoyed them.

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