What's For Lunch? (W/C 20/08)

We're still looking at lunches that would be good for School and help Big Boy keep on an even level in the afternoon. I think that the less the teachers have to worry about hypos the better and that will mostly be up to me giving good lunches and having good lines of communication with the teachers.

Monday - Sausage Rolls

Both Tops and Big Boy love Sausage Rolls and with a little pot of ketchup I know that Big Boy will be loving his lunch. I'll serve it with some Cucumber sticks and I'm going to sneak in some thin strips of Celery and hope that Tops and BB don't notice! I'm going to serve it with Cake as a pudding because BB deserves a proper treat.

Tuesday - Spicy Sausage Rice

Last week we had dips and veggies for lunch, we also had some new Warburtons Baked Naan Chips delivered that we dipped too. The Children loved them and I think that we have to have them again, but without the dip! This week for lunch we are going to have them with a Savoury Sausage Rice lunch, with added peas and sweetcorn. I'm going to make it very mildly spicy as I think it would compliment the naan chips and that means I'm most excited about this lunch!

Veggies and Dips

Wednesday - Out For Lunch!

We're off to the Smart Shoppers Day at Hackney Farm today, so lunch is being taken care of without me having to lift a finger in preparation! Apparently we're going to be eating an Italian Farm Lunch, which I'm quite excited about but I'm not sure the children will be unless there is pasta...

Thursday - Daddy's in charge

I'm taking my Mum to the hospital for a check up and so Daddy is going to be in charge and have a fun morning with the children and of course gets to serve lunch! He has said that he has no ideas of what he might fancy or he might want to serve, so I'm going to have a few sandwich fillings in the fridge ready just in case (ham and cheese are the most popular choices) and of course the store cupboard is full of Pasta, Beans and other staples that I know they all like.

Friday - Top Ender's Friday Lunch

Another fab lunch, this week inspired by our time at the farm and including some rather lovely Fruit Smoothies thanks to Aldi, who have sent me a voucher to buy lots of ingredients for lots of different flavours of smoothie! I hoping that I can get Big Boy drinking some different Smoothies so I can include them in his lunch box over the next few terms as I think that Squash, Milk and Water can get a little boring.

So there you go, a week of lunches and possibly only one Sandwich!

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