You Put Your Left Leg In And Shake It All About

Unlike my two best friends (Vic and Emma) I'm not much of a girly girl and the thought of going shopping for pretty things like shoes fills me with dread. I'm more of a practical girl you know? If I'm not in my gym clothes and gym trainers then I'm in jeans and trainers or possibly flip flops (even in the rain) and although I did once own what must have been the largest shoe collection in the world for someone who never goes shoe shopping I don't have any "posh" shoes that I can wear when I'm trying to look a bit neater than normal. This isn't going to change any time soon as apart from Shoe Shopping for the Children I avoid shoe shops and do it all online when I have to (which is never) so I was destined to live in trainers I buy from Supermarkets.

Until Hotter Shoes asked if I'd like a pair of Shake shoes that is.

I said yes and I had hoped that they would be with me in time for our trip to Paris, as I know from the Hotter Sheepskin Charisma boots I got at the start of the year that they were going to be comfortable, but unfortunately they didn't come in time due to the colour I chose being so popular they had sold out!

Shake Hotter Shoes

A different colour was chosen (Cherryberry) and they arrived soon after. I put them on straight away and was pleased to note that they were indeed very comfortable and I'm not ashamed to say that they have hardly been off my feet since they arrived.

I've now been spending a disproportionate amount of time looking at more of the Hotter shoes. I rather like the ones called Nice and I'm rather certain I need the Aurora trainers and as I'm already spending a small fortune I'm sure I should get the Panama boots to round out my shoe collection...

I was sent a pair of Shake shoes to review. They are shoes, they fit my feet and so far they don't smell so I say they are good shoes.

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