The French Mystère!

For months now, it seems that Daddy and I have been hiding a huge secret from Top Ender and Big Boy. The secret was of course that we were going to be going to France for a mini break and that we were going to be going to Disneyland for the day whilst we were there. Everyone apart from Top Ender and Big Boy knew and there were several close moments where I felt for sure that someone would accidentally let the secret slip, but in the end we were able to get almost to border control before Top Ender realised that we weren't on any ordinary day trip.

The children were thrilled to be staying overnight in a hotel and the next morning we set off on the Metro, the children unaware that we were on our way to Disneyland. I think we could have probably walked all the way up to the gates of Disneyland without the children realising where we were, but Daddy and I were getting rather anxious for the excitement to begin and so as soon as we were out of the train station we were pointing out some pretty obvious clues to them. I managed to catch it on video, so take a look!

It was a great trip, we loved the time that we spent together and we took some great pictures, which I've shared over on my Facebook page (The photos are here) and we made some really great memories that I'm sure I'll be sharing over the next few weeks.

For now though I'll leave you with a picture of us on the teacups having lots of fun!

Fun on the Teacups

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