Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Milk

If you've been following Pippa World then you'll know that I've been going to the gym every morning and working hard in order to lose weight and to start living a healthier life. Part of this has been looking at the different food choices I can make and what exchanges I can make for better nutrition value. I was rather excited when I read about Blue Diamond Almond Milk which is a low-calorie milk alternative and was excited to be given some to try out too.

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Milk Hamper

I really liked the taste of the Almond Milk, both the unsweetened kind and the original kind and it reminded me of when Top Ender started having reactions to dairy, (when she was about three years old) as I could have happily swapped to this then. The children were rather less keen to try the milk and so I had to find ways of sneakily giving it to them, this has mainly involved putting it in Puddings, Omelettes and making a side dish of Rice cooked in the Almond milk instead of Coconut Milk.

I love eating the Almond Milk on Muesli and in Porridge as it adds an extra taste dimension and I've found it a lot creamier and tastier than other milk alternatives and as it is gluten free, egg free, dairy free and lactose free it means that everyone in our house can drink it, which makes a nice change!

Almond Milk on Muesli

The milk is really popular in the USA, because of it's taste and health benefits and I think that it will become as popular here in the UK for the same reasons. You can buy the milk in both Tesco and Waitrose and the RRP is £1.40.

I was sent a Breakfast Hamper to review the Almond Milk.

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