What We Are Eating This Week (W/C 04/08)

I was talking with Daddy about the meals we had planned for this week, as I couldn't think of something suitable to eat on Saturday night and Daddy asked what I would like to eat. It made me laugh because whilst I do take into consideration what everyone else likes to eat, when it comes down to it the meals that we are having for dinner each night are ultimately what I want to cook and eat. Saying that, the one thing that I really love is Fish, in particular Cold Smoked Mackerel served with some fresh baked bread and if I'm really lucky some Prawn Salad to go with it, so I decided that we should have a favourite night.

Saturday - Favourite Night

I've gone for a favourite night so that everyone has what they want. Daddy is having a take away Kebab, Top Ender is undecided between Toad in the hole and some Take Away Fried Chicken, Big Boy wants anything as long as it comes with Chips or has a Sausage and I'm going for Smoked Mackerel. When I went up to meet with the lovely ladies at Fish Is The Dish we were shown how to make a quick smoked Mackerel pate and despite loving it I haven't made it since, so I will make one fillet into pate and eat the other fillet whilst I'm making it!

smoked Mackerel pate

Sunday - Pork with Roasted Pears

I've been talking with Morrisons recently (hint I'm going to be cooking and coming up with a new recipe again) and when I was talking with Elise she sent me a few of the Savers recipes. I read about Pork Chops with Roasted Pears and knew it had to be my Sunday lunch. So that's what we have today and if you click that link you'll get the recipe too!

Monday - Fried Prawns with Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce (Fish fingers for Big Boy!)

I have a thing about Prawns at the minute, and seeing as the batter on Friday last week on the Battered Lemon Chicken was such as success I figured I would attempt it again! I'm serving it with Rice Noodles as I get bored of eating rice, but I do like noodles.

Tuesday - Lasagne

I'm off to the Olympics with Daddy, leaving my Mum at home with the children... as she is going to have enough of a struggle with getting BB to have his injections at the right times etc I figure that the least I can do is prepare something in advance that everyone will like to eat. So I have Lasagne for Top Ender and Big Boy and my Mum quite likes the Tesco Finest Beef Chianti With Rosemary Potatoes, so I'll buy that for her!

Wednesday - Jacket Potatoes

I'm thinking jacket potatoes with cheese and finely chopped onion are a great way to get a Wednesday evening started. I might even do little mice potatoes again.

Jacket Potato Mice

Thursday - Beef Pesto Pasta

I have some quick fry Beef Steak in the freezer, and I think quick frying it with some peppers and mushrooms, spinach (or maybe carrots) with Pesto will taste lovely mixed with some Pasta.

Friday - Baked Chicken with Chopped Tomatoes and Rice

I'm kind of making this up off the top of my head, but I think that some Chicken Breasts baked in the oven in Chopped Tomatoes and their juice, with a little bit of gently fried onion, some mushrooms and spinach all covered with some grated mozzarella cheese over the top and then served on a bed of rice would be quite nice. So that's what I'm doing!

So there you have what we are eating this week. What is the meal you would have on favourite night? I'm running out of ideas and I'm not quite ready to go back to our normal meal plans as I want to make sure I understand portion sizes before reverting back to my old ways.
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