What We Are Eating This Week (W/C 27/08)

Another week over, another week of meals planned, I'm starting to think that it's the only worth while thing I do with my week! Maybe I should start a weekly blog post where I list what household chores I'm going to tackle on what day and see if I feel differently after doing that...

Saturday - Heinz Baked Beans Tea for Grown Upz

We eat Baked Beans in our house (despite me not liking them all that much) and tonight for dinner we have a special treat with a new Heinz product. I'm actually quite excited, but I can't tell you what we are having other than the baked beans as the rest of the meal is being delivered by a supermarket this morning.

Heinz Baked Beans Tea for Grown Upz

The children are very much looking forward to their Spaghetti though and I don't think they care what it comes with!

Sunday - Special Roast Chicken with Extra Trimmings

Today we have Daddy's Mother coming for dinner with her Gentleman Friend. It will be the first time that we've actually sat down to eat with him or had a conversation that is longer than five minutes, so it will be interesting...

I'm going to make a standard Roast Chicken with Onion, Garlic, Lemon, Rosemary and my secret ingredient (ha!) for us to eat along with some Roasted Potatoes, Boiled New Potatoes, Petit Pois, Carrots, Sweetcorn, Sausages wrapped in Bacon, Gluten Free Stuffing, Home Made Gravy (in a Gravy Boat!) and I'll even make some bread rolls, both Gluten free and non gluten free.

I have a Lazy Susan so I will serve everything on this (well the Gravy will be in Gravy Boats and the Chicken on a Platter) and I think with a nice pudding this should do everyone quite nicely.

Monday - Domino's Mexican Pizza

The Lovely people at Domino's have shouted Big Boy, Top Ender, Daddy and I a take away pizza. As Daddy can't eat Pizza he is going to eat the boneless Ribs as he loves the ribs! We have a lush piñata and some Mexican Bunting to put up, so expect a lot of whooping from our house and we'll watch The Perfect Game together as it's the only Mexican film I can think of that's suitable for my Children!

Tuesday - Sausage Curry

We are still slowly encouraging the children to eat spicier food so that we can all have a proper family curry. The last few times that we've eaten spicier food I've served it with Sausages as the meat part of the dish as the children love Sausages. I'm going to make a tandoori type curry, or at least my version of one, as that's what I prefer! Daddy might be late home tonight, so I'll make this is the slow cooker as that way it will keep warm until he is home.

Wednesday - Jacket Potatoes with Smoked Salmon

I have some smoked Salmon in the freezer that needs using up, so I'm going to be indulgent and have it on my Jacket Potato along with some Prawns and Avocado. I have a feeling that the children however will opt for beans and cheese as normal. They have no taste!

Thursday - Mince and Onions

I'm still working on how to make lovely tasty Gluten Free Dumplings and I thought today would be a good day to have another go at them. We didn't get to eat this the other week as Daddy was late home and ate whilst he was out, so it's long anticipated! Again Daddy might be home late tonight so I'll keep his portion warm for him for when he does get home.

Friday - Chicken and Broccoli Cheesy Pasta Bake

Daddy and I both love Broccoli and when the children con me into buying them those instant packs of pasta they always choose the one with Broccoli bits in them despite not eating it if I serve it with dinner. I figure some smaller chopped pieces of Broccoli in a Cheesy Chicken Pasta Bake will go down a treat. With me at least.

So that's dinner this week. Keep your fingers crossed that Sunday goes well, leave me some suggestions of conversation starters and ways to get rid of my Mother in law if she outstays her welcome (I mean from the house, not the planet) and think nice thoughts for the other meals if you are that way inclined!

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