Only Some Wishes Come True

This morning as I gave Big Boy his morning injection he screamed blue murder and pulled the needle out of his leg, I'd apparently hit a nerve which is something neither he or I was prepared for. The pain he had suffered from this tiny needle was enough for him to be in hysterics and it took all my strength not to cry along with him. I cuddled him into my lap (putting the needle down with cap on safely first) and soothed away his tears. When he was calm, I apologised to him for having hurt him, and he understood that I hadn't meant to but he broke my heart as he asked me;

"Why hasn't my wish come true? I wish it all the time."

I know exactly what wish he means as I was there the first night he made it. We were laying in his bed the weekend after he was diagnosed as being a Type 1 Diabetic, when giving him his injections was still an Aerobic workout and he made the wish (it ended with Amen as he still gets prayers and wishes confused) that he didn't have to have any more injections. It broke my heart then too because I know that unless a cure is found (which it very well might be there is a lot of research in the area that is moving forward) he will be injecting himself for the rest of his life.

The magic of youth is slowly fading for BB, he no longer sees his favourite Cartoon Characters as real but as people in costumes, he knows that not all of his wishes come true and I'm dreading when he realises that other magic in the world isn't as real as I would have it be.

I don't know what to do, how can I tell him that only some wishes come true?

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