Big Boy At Beaver Camp

Big Boy loves going to Beavers, it's one of his favourite things to do each week and despite Thursdays being so busy in our house, it's one of my favourite days too. Why? Well, I signed Big Boy up to Beavers because I wanted him to develop some independence, to mature a little and of course because I wanted him to develop friendships and generally have fun.

When he knew that another Beaver Camp was coming up, he was so excited to go. Despite my very strong feelings against camping, I knew that I couldn't deny him the opportunity.

So A-Camping we did go.

The first night, after we'd set up our tents and the Beavers had had their welcome we set off on a night hike. 

Big Boy on a Night Hike at Beaver Camp

Of course the Children all started to get tired, which I assume is exactly what the organisers bank on when they plan the hikes! Those who weren't already dead on their feet were able to go and watch a film, BB having just had sugar as he'd had a low on the walk, was wide awake, but after forty minutes or so he too wanted to go to bed.

We headed back to our tent, got in our sleeping bags, and blankets and had a quick midnight feast before telling each other stories and falling asleep not too long past midnight.

Big Boy and PippaD taking a midnight selfie

I woke up every couple of hours to test BB's blood sugars, which is why at 4am I was able to see that Big Boy had managed to work his way out of his sleeping bag and threw my blanket over the top of him as it was so cold!

Big Boy asleep in the tent

The next morning before most of BB's troop were awake, BB and I managed to get everything of ours packed into the car. It was a beautiful morning and we were able to go sans jumpers and coats and wander around just enjoying the sunshine.

Big Boy at the entrance to Beaver Camp

Eventually the days activities got underway. After making our own lunches for the day, we packed away the rest of our troops belongings and the tents before having a quick play on the field. The children chased each other around and the adults watched... we were conserving energy after so little sleep!

Beaver Camp Mascot

We were lucky that the "fun" part was last. The first part of the fun part was having a go on an air rifle range. Big Boy was so impressed with this, and after listening to the golden rules about never pointing a gun at anyones face, never walking around with a loaded gun and a few others, they were allowed into the range.

Big Boy LOVED it. Which isn't surprising as he is quite like me and I love shooting too.

"I can't believe I got to use a real gun!" BB after a taster session on an air rifle range.

The second part of fun was having a go at Archery. BB loved this too, which again isn't a surprise as this was one of my childhood hobbies and hopefully soon to be one of Top Enders too.

After lunch, the children all got to travel the world. All Beaver troops had picked a country to represent and the children were given free reign to walk around the various positions the troops had picked to set up their country.

Big Boy had a quick blood test and then I set him off on his own with his friends, some of which were from other troops that we know from Church.

It was a great afternoon and despite having to leave early because I'd given myself heatstroke we had a GREAT time on Beaver camp and I can't wait to go again... well just don't tell BB that as I want him to think he owes me one for going on camp with him!