The Second Week Of July

With Wimbledon being later this year (and subsequent years I assume) the second week of July will probably always be my favourite week of July because Daddy is at home. Ever since I have known him, which was a couple of weeks before Wimbledon started many moons ago, Daddy has taken the second week of Wimbledon off in order to watch the matches and sometimes attend, if funds allow!

Anyway, with Daddy at home this was the week that was!

The Second Week Of July

The weekend was pretty excellent, Saturday we spent the day shopping and picking up a new phone for me as my phone died on Friday! Daddy and Tops whipped it up to the city to get it repaired (or rather sent off to be repaired), and then Daddy and I went out to grab a temporary phone for me. We decided on getting the Moto E because it was in my price bracket and Daddy had previously owned the Moto G and had given it good reviews.

Anyway, turns out that I love the phone almost as much as I love my Google Nexus 5 and I'm not too sure if I really want it back...

Sunday at Church was great but, one bit was terrible. I had to say goodbye to a little girl who I love so much, as she and her Mummy are going back home to the USA. I had to leave before them because I knew I was going to cry and I didn't want to make the little girl cry again! The best bit for me on Sunday was teaching a Primary class. I ended up only having one little girl in my class, but it was brilliant and as she reminded me that "In this class we write our names on the blackboard before we start our lessons!" I got to see me in chalk form!

PippaD in Chalk form, notice in one hand a flower and the other her phone!

Monday had the children, Daddy and I hanging around the house and just being together. At some points we were of course in separate rooms and doing separate things, but we made sure at other points we were together and having fun and generally being the daft people that we are... yup we even had Daddy running up and down the street outside our house making a little video.

Tuesday was supposed to be rainy and sure enough it started off that way. It was because of the rain and a Tennis match between two players that Daddy wasn't really interested in that Daddy and I had planned to clear out the loft.

As soon as we were back from the school run we started. I forgot to take some before photos, but lets just say imagine a pile of assorted junk that spreads across the entire loft in all directions and threatens to topple down on you if you dare even breathe and you have what the loft looked like.

Five trips to the tip and a charity shop later and our loft was an oasis of calm. Well, more organised and less cluttered at least. There are even sections of the loft where you can see FLOOR!

The now dejunked loft

Wednesday I got to go out with my Mum for the day, we did a few chores and then headed off to Ikea for dinner with Daddy and the children. It was fun, especially when Daddy got lost in Ikea! That however is a story for another day.

Thursday had Daddy and I looking at new cars, we're researching for a purchase later this year and then popping to buy myself some new trousers and Daddy popped out to see some friends that he used to work with. As we had started so early (with a three mile walk first thing in the morning), by the time lunch rolled round we decided to head off to a favourite restaurant of ours and have a bite to eat.

We had a really lovely meal, made all the better for each others company and then whilst BB was at Beavers, we went for a quick walk with Top Ender along the canal.

Signpost on the Grand Union Canal

I am always so amazed at how little distance you need to drive from my urban home to be deep in the countryside, and can't wait to be able to show you all some more of the area in some future blog posts.

Friday had Daddy and I again going out for a three mile walk, this time round Caldecotte lakes in Milton Keynes. It was a beautiful and warm walk, which we completed at a good pace feeling particularly virtuous when Endomondo told us how many calories we had burnt off!

Caldecotte Lake, Milton Keynes

We spent the rest of the afternoon packing for Beaver camp, enjoying the weather by sitting in the back garden and of course talking together. I'm really going to miss having these little chats with Daddy next week when he is back at work, although if you read my meal plans for the week then you know I have a really busy one planned!

Top Ender and Big Boy off to School

And that was our week. How was yours?