The Third Week Of July

Is it just me or is July flying by? I think it's because I don't want the Children to be on Summer break just yet, because I don't want Top Ender to grow up and not be at lower School any more! Still, it's fine. I know it is, because I'm sure that every parent goes through this and there is nothing we can do to stop time marching on.

The Third Week Of July

The start of the third week of July had BB and I at Beavers camp. I've already written about it, twice in fact, if you want to go and catch up and find out more about what happened then you can find out but the main highlights are BB got to use an airgun and was really very happy about it. I love that he loves to shoot, as I do too.

Big Boy after his Shooting Session

Sunday, we were at Church which was lovely. I must write up a post about being at Church as I think I talk so much about it, but I hardly ever really explain what is happening.

Monday was a rainy day, but I managed to get a lot of work done, get the children to School, go shopping and even take Top Ender to the Theatre so that she could see her friend perform in Jesus Christ Superstar (read the review too if you like!).

Tuesday, Big Boy and I were on a School trip. It rained.

Rain drops on the window

Actually, despite the rain it was a great day and I'm so grateful to the KS1 team for organising a trip, that expanded the children's minds in a way that walking round the grounds of a National Trust property can.

Wednesday and Thursday were pretty much spent with my Mum and at School both times doing things that we needed to do. I did get a chance to speak with Big Boy's current teacher, who was also Top Ender's teacher last year and she gave me some fab ideas for Mummy Home School over the Summer and said some wonderful things to me about both my children and me.

This teacher is the sort of teacher who at first you might not realise is absolutely amazing, but is probably the one teacher in your child's life that will make the most difference. I'm lucky that I've got to know her well over the last couple of years, at first just from small things that the children have said that she has said in class, things that she shares when you're having a meeting and suddenly you realise that as well as helping your children she is helping you to be a better Mother.

Anyway, after we got home from doing some Governor type things after School we'd missed the BBQ that BB's Beavers were having. I celebrated it nearly being the end of a week by having an Indian with Daddy.

Friday was supposed to be the day that I got everything done. You know, the dishes, the washing, the cleaning, the general sorting out and tidying.

Instead I watched Pretty Little Liars on Netflix.

Netflix logo

Yup, almost all day. I am so obsessed with the show, which is ridiculous because I'm not a 12-14 year old girl, who is the ideal audience for the TV Show apparently.

So. That's what we got up to. How about you?