I'm A Normal Mum

I'm a normal Mum.

PippaD showing off her Selfie pose

No, seriously I am. Stop laughing.

Okay, so yes I understand that there is nothing "normal" about me, but then again as I frequently tell Top Ender and Big Boy being called different or weird is a compliment not an insult. Anyway. As I was saying.

PippaD thinks she's funny.

I'm a normal Mum.

Sure, I wake up every two hours or so in the night when my husband or I check that my Sons blood sugars haven't dropped or risen to a level that is dangerous.

I'm a normal Mum.

Oh and yes, I'm aware that I actively encourage my children to read, practice their spellings, their number bonds and times tables, their handwriting and of course their Violin.

Top Ender playing the ViolinBig Boy playing the Violin

I'm a normal Mum.

I'm a volunteer parent governor at the School both my children currently attend.

I'm a normal Mum.

I go to Church and I'm lucky enough to have a calling (it's an assignment so I have a "job" at Church) and each week the Children and I read Scriptures, discuss Spiritual matters, pray several times daily, pray for our food to be blessed and have one evening a week where we spend an evening together talking over spiritual matters.

Acts 10:38 written on a chalkboard

I'm a normal Mum.

So why do I feel so different?

Why do I feel that others are judging me?

Why can't I be the kind of Mum everyone else is?

I wish I could read minds, or live someone else's life for the day, so I could experience what they experience. So I could understand what they think about me. So I could understand what they think about themselves.


I get it.

Everyone feels this way.

PippaD and Top Ender

Everyone is a normal Mum.