Buying A New Tent

We need a new tent.

Actually, if I'm honest we don't need a new tent at all, what we really need is a tent that I won't mind camping in and so because of that we need a new tent.

The Tents We Currently Own

I'm not a fan of camping and even though Daddy and Top Ender love camping I've been able to avoid, for the last seven years at least, going with them on the pretence that Big Boy doesn't like camping either. However, Big Boy has decided he likes camping and he's quite loud now, so I can't pretend that Daddy and Top Ender have misheard him and if BB goes, well then I have to go too.

Daddy and I talked about it for a few days and decided that if we were going camping as a family then we were going to go somewhere nice. Maybe, the South of France or somewhere nice and warm and where we weren't going to spend the entire time in a field dodging rain storms. I also stipulated, that if I'm camping then what I really want is to be able to do it in comfort and style and I'd really, really, really like to be able to stand up in order to put my trousers on.

So, we started looking at Tents.

First we borrowed my Sister's tent. It sleeps about a thousand but when Daddy and I were looking at it we decided that it was just too big and complicated for us. Remember the tents we currently own, are the kind you throw in the air and they land with a gentle whoosh and are magically a complete tent... even if you can't stand up in the tent.

A Glamping Experience

So. Have any of you got any easy to put up tent recommendations? Or places to camp that maybe have glamping facilities already set up?!