Bright Star Kids Back To School Labels

With Top Ender going to a new School this September and Big Boys school changing their School Uniform, we need some new name labels for lunchboxes, bags, pencil cases, jumpers, jackets, shoes, trainers, umbrellas, water bottles... basically everything a child might at one point or another take to School and need to know which particular one of a hundred identical things is theirs. Just as I was starting to think about labels, Bright Star asked if I'd like to do a review which seemed to be a genius move of timing!

Bright Star Kids Back To School Labels

Normally, I just pick labels that I think are suitable or are plain, but when I saw the sheer number of icons that were available at Bright Star I had to ask the Children what labels they would like. The Children loved the variety of the icons and eventually picked an icon they liked, a colour and a font. It's a good job they did, because I would have picked entirely the wrong colour for Big Boy and the wrong icon for Top Ender.

Name Labels from Bright Star Kids

The labels arrived quickly after I'd ordered them, which was good as you know I do hate waiting around and the Children immediately wanted to stick them to something. So, we stuck them to a Sandwich pot, as we worked out that they'd definitely use them next year.

They washed well, and didn't wash off which is a bonus!

Top Ender and Big Boy with their new lunch boxes after a week of use and washing

The labels are a good colour and a good stick, you know what I mean? They are tacky in a good way!

I think for the price that they are great value, even more so with a couple of the options that they offer being value packs and with savings based on if you'd paid individually for the different types of stickers. If you're looking for new name labels, for the new School year then I can recommend these.

We were given the labels for free, in order to review the company.