Inside Out #Review

In our home, we regularly have Trailer screenings. Basically, Daddy trawls the internet and finds trailers that he thinks the family will enjoy and then together we watch them. This does mean however, that sometimes we hear about movies years before they are due out, as was the case with Inside Out. As more and more teaser trailers have been released the Children and I have become more and more excited about the film and we we're guessing it was going to be a brilliant Summer blockbuster and one we were excited to see at some point during the holidays, so when Top Ender and Big Boy were told we were off to see it they were REALLY excited.

Inside Out

The film is about 11 year old Riley, she and her family have just moved from Minnesota to San Francisco and she's not happy about it. In fact we know she's not happy about it because when we go inside her head, we meet the characters in charge of her emotions.

Joy From Inside Out

Do you ever feel sure that someone else was in charge of your head and ruining your good mood? Well, if you are 11 year old Riley then it's probably because Sadness has managed to touch one of the marble memories and made you sad. I'm pretty sure this happens in my life ALL the time, and that's why I should have purchased shares in certain chocolate and beverage companies!

Sadness From Inside Out


The film is brilliant, it has several jokes that go over the heads of Children (abstract thoughts where everything goes all Cubists) and yet the children still find it delightful. Which, if I'm honest is because this is the magic of a Pixar film. The film settings are clever, the real world of San Francisco seems to be real and normal looking, whilst the inside of Riley's head (and what we see of other peoples too) is more vibrant and colourful and probably, if I'm perfectly honest, how I expect the inside of my head to look!

Disgust From Inside Out

So the film is really about how Joy and Sadness are accidentally shot to the far part of Riley's brain and they have to get back to the Head Quarters (hahaha, geddit? Head Quarters!) and with Joy not there to cheer Riley up or to moderate everyone else the pain and longing for her old Minnesota life almost becomes too much to cope with.

Anger, Disgust and Fear are not good leaders for 11 year old girls, well for anyone if we're honest.

Anger From Inside Out

Watching the film, is absolutely brilliant. Honestly, it's like being inside my own head, or that of my children. There is a really wonderful sequence when Joy and Sadness board the Train of Thought and it literally goes all over the place. It cracked me up, anyone who knows my daft though process knows that this is so how mine works, seeing random links between even more random ideas. It was so great to see that other people think this way too!

Rather like most of my favourite films, the whole point of the story is that no matter what life throws at you being with those you love most (be those your fellow emotions or your family) is the key and life can be actually rather wonderful when you let it.

We were given four tickets to a London preview.