Breakfast Before School

The other day I bumped into some friends. We exchanged our normal pleasantries and caught up with each other (mostly remembering things that we'd seen on Facebook) and then just as I was about to go, one of the friends suddenly remembered something she wanted to ask me.

How do you get time in the morning to cook breakfast?!

Dippy Egg and Soldiers for Breakfast

I didn't know what she meant to start with, then I realised. For the last few weeks I've been posting pictures of the breakfasts the children and I are eating each morning and occasionally I've made a cooked breakfast. Time has nothing to do with it however. I mean, if you get up early enough you can have all the time you want before School.

It did start me thinking however about Breakfast, and how the children and I have recently changed the way in which we've been viewing Breakfast. Up until recently, breakfast was almost an after thought, some form of fuel to get us through the day but that was it. And then when we got the new sofa, I started making Breakfast more like our evening meals.

Fruit Smoothies for Breakfast

I like meals to be a family affair.

I like to have everyone sit together at the table.

I like there to be jugs of juice on the table, and all the condiments needed.

I remember breakfasts like these from when I was little and my Grandparents came to stay at our house, or we went to stay at theirs. Everyone would crowd round the little kitchen table in my Nan's kitchen and we'd drink Orange juice or Tea or Coffee. There would be toast which seemed to constantly replenish and in my head it's a bit like the banquet hall at Hogwarts. Although in this case it was my Nan working quietly behind the scenes to make everything ready on time not House Elves.

The children and I are now looking forward to our breakfast time together each morning.

A Cooked Family Breakfast

We like that we get to start our morning together, that we get to chat about what we are planning on getting up to during the day and what we've been reading or thinking about. The children said to me the other day that they are going to carry on getting up early during the Summer holidays, so that we can continue to start our day by having breakfast together.

I starting to think that breakfast before School is less about the food and more about the family time.

I like that, almost as much as I like the food.