Heat Holders Blankets - A Review

A few weeks back, Top Ender and Big Boy received a parcel and within that parcel was a blanket, a Snuggle Up, for each of them from Heat Holders. You know the company right? They're the ones that we rave about because we love the socks that they do. Anyway, back to the blankets.

Heat Holders Blanket - Snuggle Ups

When we had originally got them the idea was that they would be great for picnics. The children however grabbed a blanket each, threw them into their bedrooms and I thought they were destined never to be seen again.

A few days later I asked the children to bring them with them when we went for a picnic. With one thing and another we forgot the blankets in the car and so the other night when BB was Beavers and it was a bit chilly sitting in the shade, Tops grabbed one of them and wrapped herself up.

Top Ender wrapped in her Heat Holders Blanket

She was quite happy, even if Daddy and I did think she was crazy as it wasn't chilly enough for a blanket in our opinion. The blanket somehow got forgotten in the car again, despite my requests to get everything out of the car that shouldn't be in there! 

When we were at Beaver camp, I was really pleased however that it had been forgotten. Why? Because it was really cold in the tent and Big Boy kept wriggling out of his sleeping bag! I'd grabbed the blanket and put it over Big Boy and he slept happily all snuggly and warm.

Big Boy wrapped in his Heat Holders Blanket

The blankets are really soft and the name Snuggle Ups is perfect, because as soon as you feel the blanket that is all you want to do with them. The rating of the blanket in tog terms is 1.4, which is lighter than a summer blanket, but with the softness of the blanket it feels much warmer. The blankets are £23.99 on the Heat Holders website, and I do think that they are really lovely and warm and although it seems a little much for a blanket, these are beautiful blankets, that make you feel you are being wrapped up in Hot Chocolate, and that my friends is normally a feeling that you can't buy!

We were sent two blankets to review.