The First Week of July

July for me is the month of Sport Days, Birthdays and the official start of SUMMER! For me one of the best memories about July was being able to go down the field at Lunchtime and from what the children are saying it's one of the highlights for them and I'm sure one of the things that they are going to remember fondly when they are old and grey... talking of which Do you prefer me blonde or brunette?! I'm thinking about dying my hair and those are the main two colours I've had in my life so you know I thought I'd stick with the classics!

The First Week Of July

The weekend was a lot of fun, we got to see the Minion Movie as a family (we liked it, but we want to see more of Gru as a child!) and as a consequence got to eat a tonne of popcorn and sweets! I'm not saying that it is the only reason I go to the cinema, but it doesn't hurt! BB and I got to take part in the Minion weekend at Tesco where we hunted down various signs across the store, BB and I had a total giggle and I love this picture I took of him at the display at the front of the store.

Big Boy being a Minion

Now, one of the best meals we had over the weekend was a simple fish finger sandwich.

I know. The classic dishes are always the best dishes.

Birdseye Wholegrain Fish Finger Sandwiches. Can you say YUM?

Birdseye had sent me some vouchers to buy some of their wholegrain fish fingers with, the Children decided what we really needed was to serve the fish fingers in white bread, because as we all know fish finger sandwiches are way better on white bread, the bread is buttered and of course there is a healthy dollop of ketchup.

Now somebody made a good point on my Facebook page about having the goodness of wholegrain being cancelled out by having the white bread, BUT I purposely picked a white loaf known for having more fibre per slice than "normal" white bread and as I said if you're having a fish finger sandwich it has to be on white bread or it just doesn't taste as good.

Anyway, the children and I didn't really notice any difference in the Fish Fingers to the ones we normally eat. We wolfed them down and I did pick some more up as I figured keeping some in the freezer would be useful especially as they are made of wholegrain.

The Working week/School week started with the children producing a great School Run photo. The children were jumping and their favourite was when it looked like BB was looking in amazement at Top Ender levitating.

Top Ender can fly!

I do think the Children have as much fun as I do with our own particular brand of crazy!

Meanwhile, the Kittens have been growing and getting more and more adorable everyday. At the moment this is my favourite picture of the boys, which shows how they like to spend most of the day - cuddled up together.

Mario and Harry the Kittens

I do have to give a quick mention of the babysitting duties that I undertook this week. Whilst my Sister and her partner and my Mum went to a concert that my eldest Niece was taking part in I got to stay at my Sisters home with Tops and BB and the rest of my Sisters children. When it was time for Teddy to go to bed, we took these selfies and it just proves that my sisters children are just as awesome as I am!

PippaD and Teddy are just the cutest taking Selfies!

The best news of the week, was that my shower got fixed. I may have got a little excited at the fact that I had a working shower and as soon as the plumber left my house (well technically my driveway) I jumped into the shower for an hour.

A Steamy Shower For One

It was BLISS.

Somebody asked on Facebook, how I'd coped without a shower for so long and the answer is, I have no idea. I really missed showers and washing my hair in the sink and having a bath just isn't the same.

As it had been so long, we didn't have a Shower Curtain so I got to go out and buy a new one and as I was alone I got the one I wanted.

A Rainbow Showercurtain

It's like showering with a rainbow! Now, I'm after some waterproof LED bathroom lights to have in the bath when I shower to make it even more rainbow like.

Oh and in the last few years have their been any advancements in shower taking that I should know about? Do I need special foot scrub things or special sponges or anything? At the moment I'm just happy to smell nicer at the end of my shower than I did before and to wrap myself up in a nice warm fluffy towel!

And that is really all that my week contained... well apart from watching Pretty Little Liars because we got a Netflix subscription! I've wanted one for AGES, but Daddy has always thought it wasn't something we'd make use of. I kept making little noises about it, talking about TV shows I could only see on Netflix that I wanted to see, talking about articles I'd read about how the future of TV is online content...

Netflix logo - Thanks Netflix Press Team for the logo!

Anyway, eventually Daddy decided that getting Netflix was his own idea and I let him believe it because seriously, it's not worth the hassle of pointing out how brilliant I am because the man knows that already. He married me after all!

So, that was my week. How was yours?

As I mentioned, Birdseye sent me some vouchers to buy the Fish Fingers.