Walk Round The Lakes

A few weeks ago, when Daddy and the Children and I had some time off work and School we went to the Millennium Country Park in Marston Vale. We're lucky that we live on the same train line as the Park/Lakes and so we hopped on to a train. Of course we took a train selfie!

Train Selfie of the A Mother's Ramblings Family

We've been to the Park before and we enjoyed our walk round so much that we knew we had to go back. The other great thing about the park is that there are several Geocache sites hidden around the the walk and as we had a good idea about the terrain and the areas where we could get some shade we were really looking forward to the family day out.

The most important thing was working out how to get to the Visitor Centre, where there is an Ice Cream stand and on this rather warm day we really needed the cool down!

Welcome To The Millennium Country Park

We walked round the entire lake, it was peaceful, it was fun and the children, Daddy and I really had a great time just enjoying the scenery and the sounds of nature.

Lake View At Millennium Country Park in Marston Vale

The smells around the park were also rather lovely, especially by this beautiful archway that was covered in beautiful flowers. I could just imagine someone in a wedding gown standing by the arch and having a really lush photograph to look back on in years to come.

A Flowery Arch At Millennium Country Park in Marston Vale

This time the walk didn't involve BB and I have in a competition to see who could keep their jumper on longest, which was great because it really was a warm day. Also I'm not saying anything because their might be Muggles around but this photo below could be quite significant for you if you go to the Millennium Country Park in Marston Vale.

Daddy, Top Ender and Big Boy on a Bridge at Millennium Country Park in Marston Vale

The Children and I are planning on going again during the Summer Holidays to the Millennium Country Park, taking a picnic and just spending the day enjoying a peaceful little secret beach we found on our first visit. The only other decision we have to make, is do we go by train and do we take our bikes?!