What We Are Eating this Week (W/C 11th July)

As you read this, you can imagine me waking up in a field. Yup, a field. Actually I've probably been up for a couple of hours, if I ever got to bed at all! Last night (Friday) I got to go on camp with the Children from Big Boy's Beavers Troop and so right about now I'll be trying to work out how to deflate my mattress and how to get my sleeping bag back into it's little sleeping bag sack thingy whilst BB tucks into breakfast.

Big Boy eating Breakfast (the first one of three!) at Beaver Camp

So, here's the meals for this week!

Saturday - Lemon Lollipop Chicken

Since I went to Jamie's Italian Restaurant, I've been hankering after Lollipop Chicken and as I haven't gone shopping today (because I'm spending the entire day with the Beavers) but I did go shopping yesterday (at least I planned to when writing the weeks menu!) I should have marinated Chicken waiting in the fridge for me to cook as soon as I get back!

I'm going to serve it with a Salad for Daddy and I and for the Children some kind of side dish. I have no clue what, but it's probably some kind of veg and tasty!

Sunday - Pork Chops with Apple Sauce and Grated Cheese

We were talking the other day about favourite meals and Daddy mentioned Pork Chops as being his favourite. It's one of my favourites too so I think I'll look forward to eating this when I come home from Church.

Pork Chops with Apple Sauce and Grated Cheese

Monday - Pizza Jacket Potatoes

Well, today is actually the anniversary of Big Boy being diagnosed as Diabetic, so he's picked dinner tonight. When I asked him to start with he decided that what he wanted to have was Pizza Topping Jacket Potatoes again, we all tried to talk him out of this. Not because the meal wasn't nice, but because we wanted to make sure he really wanted the meal... but he did so we stuck with it!

Tuesday - Sausage Cacciatore

I've been thinking about this for a few weeks, we've had it before and I'm pretty certain Daddy made it, but I've found a Slow Cooker recipe, so I'll make it before the Children and I go off to School in the morning, which is even better as Big Boy and I are off on a School trip today and Top Ender has Faith in God this evening so we need a quick and filling meal!

We'll serve it with Mashed Potato and I'll let Daddy decide what veg as he claims he hates almost every vegetable known to man...

If however, I forgot to make it before we go out in the morning, I may end up making it

Wednesday - Ikea Meal Out

I love going to Ikea with my Mum each week not because of the meal out I get to share with her each week, but because of the fun that we have together.

Ikea Lamb Shank And Mash

Oh okay, I love the Lamb Shanks that Ikea do each week too.

Thursday - BBQ

We're heading off to the Beavers BBQ tonight. It's the last event before the Summer and is just a good giggle for everyone involved. Apparently the theme of the event this year is Jamaican, which might mean a shirt I wanted to buy a couple of weeks ago would be a great fit... although it's more tropical than Jamaican!

I'm quite glad that we're having someone else take care of our evening meal tonight however, as I'm off early to School for a Governors meeting AND after School I'm being a responsible Governor too. I'm going to need the normal evening meal prep time off to recover from being so sensible all day!

Friday - Store Cupboard Pasta Salad

I love a good pasta salad and I love a good store cupboard pasta dish. It's such a simple dish to make, you just cook up some pasta and throw in everything else that takes your fancy! Generally for me that means some peppers, sun dried tomatoes, possibly some tuna, some sweetcorn, peas and onion and then just mix it all together.

The children love it too because it looks so fun!

So, what do you have planned for your meals this week, or what sounds particularly interesting to you from the meals I have planned this week?