The Fourth Week Of July

I swear this last week has flown by, mainly because as well as all the normal activities the children and I have scheduled into our week, we've also had tonnes of other activities to attend too. I love the saying if you need something doing ask someone busy (or however it goes) because this week it has seemed a little like that for me and the children!

The Fourth Week Of July

The weekend was good, we were busy with playing with our new Tent, listening to the music coming from a local Fete and generally doing the things we do at the weekend, shopping, visiting my Mum, being together as a family. Top Ender even managed to squeeze in a birthday party for a classmate who will be going to a different School this coming September.

Daddy and Top Ender Playing with the Tent

We also managed to squeeze in a gala viewing of Inside Out, eat a lovely Roast dinner and I'm sure there was a walk along the way somewhere.

Then the week started.

Monday, the Children and I went about our day. The children went to School and then we returned in the afternoon to go to Top Ender's Leavers Assembly.

I was ready to cry before it happened, and then whilst watching the video that the staff had put together I got quite emotional and had to wipe away a tear or two. The thing is, it wasn't even watching the pictures of my daughter that made me emotional. It was seeing how her classmates and she had grown and just thinking about how they weren't going to be those little children anymore.

Top Ender at her Leaver's Assembly

After the assembly, we had an ice-cream social with the staff and parents and students. It was great fun, just sitting together and socialising. BB thought that it was wicked and decided that Ice-Cream for his evening meal would be a good monthly treat. I disagree!

Tuesday was the Children's Sports Day.

Top Ender and Big Boy ready for Sports Day

Sports Day at our School is competitive racing, but it's not sprints and hurdles and the like, it's more assault courses and skipping and those sort of things. The whole School is split into four house groups, (Red, Yellow, Green and Blue) and for Sports Day, the children sit in their house teams and then with the points from the races added to the number of Beads each house has accumulated through the School year the winner of the cup is announced.

This year it was RED HOUSE!


Red Team Sports Day Winners

Sorry, I got a bit carried away.

Wednesday was our last day of School. The Children happily went off, with Top Ender wearing her pink gingham dress that she had purchased to wear to School for one day partly because she is sad that the School Uniform changes next year (to Black jumpers and Pink and Lime and White Polo Shirts and Summer dresses of Pink and Green) and partly because who wouldn't want to wear a pink dress to School?!

Top Ender and Big Boy on the last day of School

The end of School was so sad. I managed not to cry saying goodbye to Big Boy's current teacher and TA's because I'll see them again and regularly for the next four years I'm sure, but watching the Year Six students say goodbye to each other nearly had me in tears. Especially when one of Top Ender's friends had a long hug with me whilst having a long sob over the end of the era.

Luckily we got home to my "treat" for the Children which stopped us being tearful and the best bit was I got to have a go too!

Crepe Paper Summer Door

We had a chat that night over our Chinese Take Away about what we wanted to do for our first two days of Summer. Last year we dyed Top Ender's hair, but until Top Ender has been to the Summer School programme for her new School, we figured we'd better play it safe!

The last two days of the week, we spent just having a good giggle together at home.

What have you been up to?